tips for driving safely in Barbados

You can never be too careful when you are driving on roads that you are unfamiliar with. We have put a list of tips for driving safely in Barbados that you can refer to before you start driving in Barbados.


  • Watch out for Pedestrians
  • Many of the roads in Barbados do not have pathways or pavements so expect to find pedestrians crossing often. 
  • Look out for the P sign when Parking. Always park in a designated area to avoid fines. Car Parks are usually well lit and managed well.
  • Get Air Conditioning. Barbados can be very hot for many months of the year. To protect against the sun and keep comfortable while driving be sure to opt for a vehicle with working air conditioning. 
  • Boscobelle Fake Tolls. Do not stop if flagged down by people in this area as they will sometimes request an unauthorised payment from tourist drivers.
  • Plan Your Driving Route. It is always a good idea to know where you are going and a map and GPS system to help guide the way. 
  • Be careful driving at Night
  • Don’t pick up hitchhikers


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